Urbino Kite Festival

Self-Guided “Wine Tasting” in Urbino

On Saturday, September 8th, a few of us girls went out in the afternoon for a self-guided “wine tasting tour” here in Urbino. Boy, did we have fun, fun, fun! We visited four different bars/restaurants, sat down, and ordered a bottle of wine to share. Here in Italia, the locals have multiple meals throughout the day (love it) and one of those is aperitivo. This tradition consists of light appetizers served with alcohol and generally occurs at the end of the workday as an appetizer before dinner. Think happy hour. Well, we started our “tour” at 2:00pm and had aperitivo at almost every location we visited right up until dinner started in the cafeteria at 7:00pm! I included pictures of the wine bottles that we shared. My favorite wine was called Tara made by Pecorino at a little bar called L’Host which was a local wine from the area with a GORGEOUS bottle.

Here are a few pics from our day 🙂



Urbino Kite Festival: Festa dell’Aquilone

On Sunday, September 9th, we went to the Urbino Kite Festival, or Festa dell’Aquilone. This event has been occurring in Urbino for the past 63 years and serves as a friendly competition between all of the different neighborhoods in Urbino. Each neighborhood gets a different color and (I’m guessing… I couldn’t understand what they were saying) the kite that flies the highest/the color that flies the longest is the winner! We took *free* public transportation to the site where the kites were taking off and joined the thousands of people joining in the festivities.

As we were looking around at all of the families dressed in their neighborhood’s colors the announcer counted down “Tre, due, uno” over the loud speaker and then all of the kites rose into the air.

Festa dell’Aquilone

It was quite the spectacular sight and of course, my classmates wanted to join in on the fun. I created a little video of then after a very nice Italian woman gave them a kite to try to fly. Enjoy!

Finally, the last event of the day was the three-dimensional kites. We saw a giant scarlet macaw kite that was beautiful (it was my favorite), a gelato truck kite, a sushi bento box kite, and a giant squid kite. These didn’t fly quite as well as the small traditional kites that were flown by the kiddos on the hill. There are talks of the engineering students designing a kite for next year and attempting to fly it in this part of the competition. I think we should go for it!


A Great Day with our new British friends


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    • You know how uncoordinated I am. There were a bunch of kite strings on the ground. I didn’t want to fall over and break your selfie stick!

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