Rome Part 2

Rome, Day 2

We started the day of September 21 at the Altar of the Fatherland, aka the typewriter, where we would meet in the mornings on days two and three. On our way to the Villa Farnesina, we stopped at the Theatre of Marcellus that is an ancient theatre now turned into apartments. I heard that the Ferrari family lives there.

We then walked past a home that had been constructed largely using salvaged materials from the Roman Forum and other historical places. It turns out that the shabby chic thing we like today started way back then! Who knew! After this, we stopped at a beautiful photo opp spot. I mean… isn’t it great?

When we made it to the Villa Farnesina, we were pleasantly delighted at the beautiful frescoes done by our hometown boy, Rafael! I loved the mythology as a break from the heavy religious artwork we had seen over and over.


It was after this that we got to the best part of the whole trip (in my opinion) which was going to the Parco degli Aquedotti where we saw the ruins of ancient Roman aqueducts! We walked around the park as people jogged on the trails and played fetch with their dogs as a nearby elementary school had recess. It was normal modern daily life at the foot of ancient structures. It was fabulous. The aqueducts of Rome brought in roughly 2 million gallons per day and were the main reason why Rome was able to sustain population of over 1 million people at its height! Actually, the destruction of the aqueducts during wartimes led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Water is important, y’all.

After the aqueducts, which were amazing, we headed back in town to the Coliseum. It was great going back here since I had gone in 2012 as well! Here I am recreating a picture from when I was 21!

At the end of the day, I had found an Indian restaurant near the Vatican where we were staying and we went and ate sooooooooooooooo much great Indian food! It was such a welcomed sight to have some Chicken Tikka!


Rome, Day 3

On September 22, we went to the Roman Forum to see the ruins of the ancient city. Before this, though, we went to the Campidoglio and to the piazza designed by Michaelangelo. This spot at the top of the hill acted as the pathway from ancient to modern Rome. We also learned about the mythological birth story of Rome represented by the wolf and the twins, as is seen in the photo below:


It was amazing to me that this whole area had been covered by farm and grazing land for so long before archaeologists came in and dug it all out. Of course, I represented Texas and wore my Beto O’Rourke shirt (I know now that he lost the race, but a girl can still hope!).

After the Roman Forum, the engineers split off again to head to the Baths of Carancalla which were ancient Roman bath Houses and were the second largest in all of Rome! Not only did we get to walk through the baths, but we also got to go underneath to see where the people who worked at the baths burned wood to heat the water. It was an amazing experience.

After that, we ate Chinese food. No judgements.

Rome, Day 4

Our final full day in Rome, Andrew and I went out in the morning for bacon and eggs for breakfast! Nothing could have tasted better! We got out early to go to the Capuchin Crypts of Rome. While I couldn’t take any photographs inside the crypt, there are some great photos you can find when you do a search. It was super creepy. And awesome.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Trevi Fountain to toss our coin in! Looks like I’ll be headed back to Rome!

I tossed my coin in the Trevi!

Later in the day we went to the Studio Olympico to see a football game! We watched Lazio play Genoa and whenever Lazio (“our team”) scored a goal, the entire stadium erupted in sound. It was exhilarating. I actually wore the right colors (on accident!) We had some problems with the tickets, so only four of us got to go, but it really was an experience. We even talked about some engineering while we were there… you have to, ya know, since it’s for school…

We had Chinese food again this night… what can I say? We were missing home…


Rome, Day 5

Our final morning in Rome, we met up with Daryl to go to the Basilica San Pietro. I had been inside years ago, but it was great to go again and to just take my time walking around the Basilica. We did do something different and went up the Cupola to look at the Rome skyline. It was a very special day.

The view from the top of Basilica San Pietro

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  1. You would enjoy going to Libya. There are large Roman ruins there in better condition then your pictures. Mostly the drier environment helps.

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