Pasta Factory, Agriturismo Lunch, and Wine Tasting on a Friday

On Friday, September 14thwe traveled through the Italian countryside surrounding Urbino to an organic farm and pasta factory. The pasta made on site is called Girolomoni, but they also make the brand Rapunzel and Monticello, which you can buy at Central Market in San Antonio (try it you like it!)

We got a tour around the factory by one of the founding partners of the company who first showed us all of the machines that make the pasta. We were even able to have a taste of the penne as it came out of the machine hot and ready! Then we saw where they package the pasta and we saw some packages heading to Thailand.


After the pasta factory tour we went to the monastery where the founder of Girolomoni lived. As old hippies, they wanted to create an organic pasta company and ended up creating one of the most beloved brands in all of Italy. The monastery had a small museum that displayed the old antique farm equipment that was used on the farm back in the day.

After the monastery, we went down the long dirt road (it reminded me of mom and dad’s house) to the agriturismo that is on site. We sat outside with our dog friend, Achille, while he chomped on an apple looking out onto the lovely Italian countryside. We ate a lunch prepared at the agriturismo of lasagna, beef, greens, potatoes, and bread with plenty of wine. It was glorious.

Next, we loaded back up on the bus to head over to Convento, a vineyard and winery in the Marche region. It was grape harvesting time, so we got to see the grapes being harvested and also got to try a taste. Along the tour, we got to see how the wines were made and got to taste them along the wine making process. After the tour, we sat down for a tasting of prosecco, white wine, and red wine as well as olive oils created right there at the winery! We learned how to taste olive oil! I’ll teach you now:


  1. Take a small sip of olive oil and place it between your bottom lip and bottom teeth.
  2. With a sharp inhale, suck the olive oil between your bottom teeth effectively spraying it into your mouth. Do this a few times in succession.
  3. Now, you should cough if you did it right. Enjoy the taste!

I ended up buying 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of olive oil to enjoy on freshly grilled fish and vegetables once we get back home. What a fantastic experience and an educational one at that!

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    • The wine of this region is Sangiovese and the grapes were super sweet! We stole a couple for tasting and then the wasps chased us off.

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