One night in Verona

Shakespeare wasn’t messing around when he wrote the words “fair Verona” in the prologue of the famous Romeo and Juliet. Of course, he probably never even actually visited Verona in the first place. Man, was it gorgeous, though!

We visited Verona on October 4th on our way to Venice and stayed one night in the vibrant city. After visiting Verona, I’m really not sure why it’s not on everyone’s top cities to visit in Italy list! It’s so beautiful. We stayed here one night because the architect Carlo Scarpa has a couple of famous buildings here. My favorite was the contemporary art museum, the Civic Museum of Castelvecchio. The meeting of the antique castle mixed with the contemporary Scarpa design meshed beautifully.

Now, Verona IS famous for the beautiful Juliet’s window which I didn’t end up going to. I had some studying to get done for an exam! Here are some pictures from our trip! Feel free to ask questions about any of them in the comments section!

Of course, like good Civil Engineering students, we checked out the river running through the town. Also, as you can see above, I’m a sucker for a good selfie 😉

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