My Green and Brown Thumbs

Well the home life is a good life for me ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been great being back in Texas with my Chris getting our little house put just how we like it, picking up my guitar to write (and usually not writing much at all but rather watching a whole afternoon’s worth of youtube videos), planning our wedding, and most recently, I’ve started our very own garden in our back yard!

My garden is a raised bed square-foot-garden. For those of you who don’t know what a square-foot-garden is, google it now and you’ll be hooked! It’s so easy and your plants will pop up in no time! I’ve never been able to grow my own vegetables but my dad and both sets of grandparents did when I was a kid and I loved the fresh squash, lettuce, cucumbers, and broccoli all year round! I’m so lucky to have Chris around and he helped me build my garden, which you can see below, out of scrap wood we found out behind the house as well as remnants of my mom and dad’s old waterbed ๐Ÿ™‚ We filled it with the Rose Soil from Garden-Ville here in San Antonio (mom says it’s the best around… and she doesn’t lie!) and drawn out squares along the top with some old twine we found lyin around.

Two weeks ago I planted green onions, lettuce, and spinach and we are SO proud to announce that ALL of the veggies are springing up! It was so easy! I just walk out there in the morning, water it a little, and let it go! I don’t think that I could even screw it up! This week I planted carrots, bulb onions (which I understand now are the same thing as green onions… it’s just about when you harvest them), cucumbers, and kale. I’ve never tried kale but the Fuelin’ Roadie, Miss Wendy Jo Peterson, swears by her GREEN smoothies and I think I got to try me one of those! I met Miss Wendy Jo over in Houston last week at the Best In Texas Music Seminar called “I’ve Made A Record… NOW WHAT?!” and she was talking about nutrition for musicians living out on the road. She said the best way to get your vegetables in is ANY way you get your vegetables in and I think a smoothie is the way to go! So, that kale should be up and ready here in a couple months but until then, I’m drinking the pink variety of smoothie with frozen fruits (don’t judge… I’m working on teh homegrown thing!)

I had always wanted to grow a garden and when I first got home back in November I tried (and killed) a few unsuspecting plants. The ones that got it were the yellow fall mums I bought at HEB, a beautiful rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree (one sprig is still alive… won’t be long now till it too has passed!), and a basil plant. Those basil plants were so easy to grow over at my mom’s house when I bought them and she was taking care of them for me. Kudos to you momma.

But things over here at the Ashlee Rose Northside Homestead are fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚ More to come soon, but please check my instagram ( AshleeRoseWorld )ย for more photos right when they’re posted and my twitter ( AshleeRoseMusic ) page for more silly things I like ๐Ÿ™‚ Like my dog… she’s aways good and rollin around in the backyard or sleepin’ funny… Jan 2013 Square Foot Garden

Electra and the Camilla

Feb 2013 Lettuce Sprouting

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