“MY BOOTS” Music Video!

The following  story is what inspired my new song, “My Boots!” Check out the music video here!

A few years ago, my wonderful mother gave me a pair of beautiful black and turquoise cowboy boots for my birthday. I couple hardly bear taking them off! A few weeks after getting them I wore them to my American Idol audition in Denver, Colorado and got a call back to audition for the executive producer and be a part of the taping. (Some of you might have seen me on there singing, playing my guitar, and crying but that’s beside the point…) A month after that, I awoke in teh middle of the night to hear my dog, Electra (a big tub-o-love rottie who does not know her size…) chewing the toe off my beautiful boots! The next morning I went into the living room to tell my mother and ended up crying the whole story. She said “no harm done, we’ll get you a new pair and make that one with the chewed toe into a flower pot.” Those turquoise and black boots now sit on our kitchen table with a big boquet of roses 🙂 Keep checking back for the release of “Songs In A Suitcase” to see those turquoise beauties and their pink roses 🙂

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