Mom and Dad Visit Urbino!

We had a very exciting time from September 28 – 30 when my mom and dad visited Urbino on their travels through Europe! I had asked mom if she would like to come and visit me in Italy ages ago and when she asked dad if he’d like to go, she was surprised by a “yes!”. Then planning mode started! They visited England, Amsterdam, and Italy on their trip and even came to see me in little old Urbino 🙂

I loved seeing them navigating the trains in Italy and getting around the hills (sorry! They’re huge…) but my FAVORITE thing they did was take pictures of their food. Classic!

Here are some pictures of us when they were here:

I was so happy to have these two come and visit me, even if it was only for one full day. I had so much fun playing tour guide and getting them around the town. Those pictures of them taking pictures are just classic…

Also, I don’t want to brag about my little city, but mom said she liked it the best of all the places she went. Whoop whoop!

Classic Urbino Shot

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