I’m Engaged!!!

A few days ago in Pisa, Italy, my boyfriend of a little over a year asked me to marry him! It was both our first time in Pisa to see the Leaning Tower. We had taken lots of pictures with the tower (aka holding it up, giving it a piggy-back-ride, other silly things) and then Chris, my boyfriend, said, “let’s take a nice photo together. Sit over in the grass and I’ll line up the shot.” I went over and sat in the grass and after what felt like a million years, he scooted over next to me and he had the little ring box in his hand! Turned out he was filming the proposal! I had butterflies all the way up from my tummy! You can watch the video I attached of the moment, but of course I said yes. So there you have it… coming to a Texas near you: double trouble with Chris and Ashlee! View the Proposal Here!

How we met:

Chris and I met a little over a year ago on a cruise ship we were both working on. From the first moment I saw him I felt a little pang that went “uh oh” because I knew this was going to be big. Not only is he from England so he just sounds delicious when he talks to you, but he also looks like he should have been in the Beatles. After weeks of him asking me out and me turning him down, I decided to go hiking with him on Mt. Roberts in Juneau, Alaska. It was our first week to be cruising Alaska so there was still snow on the ground as we climbed up the mountainside that made me think of the forest in “Twilight”. He was hiking with me and feeling super cool, walking backwards up the mountain until he hit a soft spot in the snow and fell right in! His whole leg disappeared into the snow and as he called out for me to help him I fished around in my backpack for a camera. There was no way I’d pass up this opportunity to “snap a shot” of him helpless in the snow. I think this tactic of taking me hiking worked overall though because we fell passionately in love.

I reached the end of my contract two months later in July of 2011 and as I left the ship we had spend two wonderful months on, Chris said he was coming to visit me for Christmas all the way in New Zealand! So we counted down the days (there were 140 of them) and Skyped non-stop until Thanksgiving Day, when he joined my ship as my friend on board. It had been four months since we had seen each other and we were so nervous as to what it would be like to see each other again. After a brief period of about a day we were back to being little love birds again and inseparable as ever. I decided I liked him so much I made him come back to Texas with me to visit family. We also shortly after that went to England and I got to meet his parents and family as well. Plus we went to Stonehenge (it’s super cool, man!)

We joined the ship we’re currently working on in March and will be home in November to start promoting my new album, “Songs In A Suitcase”, and will be getting married next year.

BTW… One of the songs off of “Songs In A Suitcase” I wrote about Chris and now that you know the story you can find out which one! Available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby.com, AshleeRose.com and many other sites! Make sure to pick up yours!!!

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