Help The New Vagabonds make an Album!

Hey guys!

We can’t thank you enough for the outpouring of love and support for our music that we’ve already come across BUT we could use your help! If you didn’t already know, we are planning to make a CD starting in May and have decided to let our fans help us out.

We’ve started an Indiegogo campaign which is much like a Kickstarter campaign if you’re familiar with that… basically, to our fans who donate to our campaign, we offer up some really cool perks like early-release autographed CDs, limited edition t-shirts and stickers, VIP invite-only tickets to our listening party, CD release parties held at YOUR HOME, a private home-cooked meal from The New Vagabonds, autographed Ukuleles, and you could even be listed as executive producer on the album!

As a very special part of our campaing, we have chosen at our highest donation level to write and record a personalized jingle or song for our top funder! If you’ve got a small (or large) business that’s looking for a jingle to use for promotion, you’re getting married and want the perfect song played for you and your honey, or if you just love The New Vagabonds and want the most personalized gift for yourself or someone you love then this is an opportunity to not pass up… you can be a part of the history we’re making.

Please head over to our campaign at on to help us out.

If you can’t contribute monetarily at this time we could still use your help! On our indiegogo page there’s are share links where you can share the campaign with your friends on facebook, twitter, Google+, or by email. Help us get the word out.

Thanks, all! Check back soon for some more videos!

The New Vagabonds

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