The New Vagabonds

Apr 4th

If you follow Ashlee Rose on Facebook ( then you may have already heard of the new project I’m a part of called The New Vagabonds! Back in December, I joined up with fellow San Antonio singer/songwriter, Jimmy Dasher to start writing americana-country style duets that spoke of love, loss, and old San Antone 🙂

Flash forward to March of 2014 and we had our first ever live show at Greenhouse Concerts in San Antonio, our home town. The crowd was excellent and we definitely felt the love that night!

We have decided to make a new CD- this will be the new one for you Ashlee Rose fans out there and it’ll be the best way to hear some new music that I’ve been creating, but we need YOUR HELP!

You may have heard of kickstarter, a way for artists to have their fans help them fund their projects, well we are doing a similar fundraising campaign on the site where our fans can go and pledge their support while earning some very cool “perks” in return! Just a few of our “perks” are things like early-release CDs where you actually get an advance copy of the CD as SOON as it comes into our hands, signed ukuleles, and even the opportunity to be named as Executive Producer on the album! This is a once in a lifetime chance to help the future of great music in Texas!!!

To view more opportunities and to hear some of the new music, please visit our Indiegogo page at

If at this time you can’t help us monetarily, please consider sharing our project with your friends and family! Every dollar helps us get to our goal that includes recording with our “dream team”, production of the physical CDs, AND promotion… you can help us spread the word!!!

Thanks, y’all!

-The New Vagabonds

Taken at Greenhouse Concerts on March 6, 2014

Taken at Greenhouse Concerts on March 6, 2014

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