Happy Holidays, Y’all!

It’s here! It’s here! You can now listen to your Christmas faves sung by yours truly! Oh man- they’re shiny and new and I love them and I want you to love them too! To purchase the new album, head over to my store and you can purchase the album directly from me- PLUS when you […] Continue reading

Ashlee Rose’s “Happy Holidays, Y’all!” Drops on November 18th!

Ashlee Rose will be releasing her first-ever Christmas album on November 18th for you to enjoy! Rose teamed up with Austin’s own Bradley Kopp on this record that shows off the duo’s chemistry like a match made in candy-cane heaven. Kopp produced the vocals on the 2012 release “Songs In A Suitcase” that won Rose the […] Continue reading

The New Vagabonds

If you follow Ashlee Rose on Facebook (facebook.com/AshleeRoseMusic) then you may have already heard of the new project I’m a part of called The New Vagabonds! Back in December, I joined up with fellow San Antonio singer/songwriter, Jimmy Dasher to start writing americana-country style duets that spoke of love, loss, and old San Antone 🙂 […] Continue reading

Texas Love Song by Popular Demand!

I’ve never been hounded by so many fans to upload a song to youtube than I have with this one. This song was just released on Slaid Cleaves’ new album, “Still Fighting The War,” and it has really spoken to me. It spoke to me so much that I sang it to my husband at […] Continue reading

The Star Spangled Banner and a Brand New Guitar

I’m not a parent yet, and I’m sure that it will be quite a few years before I will be able to call myself one (I still need a lot of babying, and isn’t having a 100lb dog enough?), but I’ve been reflecting lately on the way my parents helped guide me into the great […] Continue reading

Wildflower! Arts Music Festival May 17-19, 2013

I’m having now to come off my exciting win at the Wildflower! Arts And Music Festival’s Performing Songwriter Competition! Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival is put on by the City of Richardson, TX (a suburb of Dallas) and is home to one of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the USA! They’ve been operating the […] Continue reading